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Unplug Your Mind With the Power of Meditation

We’re not just a meditation company. We are a lifestyle.

It all starts with your vision. The vision of where you want your life to go, what you want your future to look like, goals you want to accomplish, and dreams that become your reality.

But, how will you get there? How will you accomplish your goals? How do you crush past your wildest dreams?

The solution? Take a Vacation of the Mind.

Meditation is powerful and effective at transforming the lives of those who indulge in it regularly because it offers holistic benefits to improve health, well-being and mental stability.

In fact, it’s been scientifically proven to give men and women a solution to unwind, reduce stress, increase happiness, improve focus, slow aging, calms the central nervous system, improves concentration, increases the retention of information, improves cardiovascular and immune health, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and increases acceptance.

Our guided meditation sessions are different than others you will receive. Instead of telling you to clear your mind and sit in silence, we will guide you through proper breathing techniques that calm the central nervous system, effective refocusing techniques for the mind to shift your thoughts, we then take you on a peaceful journey where inner peace is found. By refocusing your mind with a beautiful destination, it is easier to become still allowing your mind and body to unplug and reset.

Join Our LIVE Guided Community Calls!

Every Monday Evening 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6pm MST

Join us in relaxing your mind and body every Sunday evening as we take you on a peaceful excursion where guided meditation is the passage to your next Vacation of the Mind. Come be explorers with us!



Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been under the microscope of science over the past several years to study and learn the health benefits of what meditation does at a molecular level. Therefore, several studies have been conducted to determine if there are neurological and physical benefits.

Meditation has been also studied with tools such as the EEG and MRI which measures the brain activity before, during and after meditation. As a result, these tools have linked meditation to significant changes in brain structure and function. Meditation practices have been shown even within the first few hours of meditation, the brain increases myelin and improves connectivity, as well as many other additional health benefits including, but not limited to:

Reduces Stress
Calms the central nervous system
Improves focus
Improves concentration
Increases the retention of information
Slows aging
Increases happiness
Improves cardiovascular and immune health
Encourages a healthy lifestyle
Increases acceptance

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